Certified National Drug & Alcohol Interventionists

A Letter to Your Family

“When journeying down the long dark road, we must continue on and never give up faith we’ll one day reach our destination no matter how ugly that road appears before the naked eye.” – Reed Murphy

We understand the pain and heartache you, as a family member or friend, are going through. The disease of addiction is much like any other; the major difference is the scrutiny society holds and the methods of treatment. If your loved one had any other fatal disease they would receive an insurmountable amount of support—emotionally, physically, and spiritually from the community at large. The sad truth is society discriminates based on the name of this disease. In the United States over 80% of those incarcerated in adult and juvenile penal institutions are there directly or indirectly as a result of addiction. In 1966 the American Medical Association recognized alcohol abuse as a disease & in 1974 drug abuse followed. The fact is your loved one has a disease. Period.

Addiction is a very progressive and fatal disease and, if not treated, will only lead to jails, institutions, dereliction and death, in no specific order. Our hope for you and your family member is that the path that leads to recovery is coming soon. So many times we deny the reality that is staring us right in the face. You say to yourself “It could just be a fad or phase they are going through.” Can you afford to take that chance? Many addicts have died needlessly as a result of indecision.

If there is a problem and you see it, please act on it, because we never know if their next time using could be their last. So many families have lost a loved one because the addict says, “this is going to be my last time and I’ll go to treatment tomorrow.” Then tomorrow never comes. Addicts are manipulators. They will pay, say, and do anything to smooth over the situation, only to repeat the same actions in the days to come, over and over again. If any of this rings true in your family, take action now. It only takes one day, even one moment, in someone’s life, to change their life journey and circumstances forever. We truly believe in the freedom recovery brings, the love it restores, and the hope within us all.

Kelli & Nick Athas
Intercept Interventions